Version 1.9 -26th October 2022
  • Added Host Havoc Page.
  • Added Host Havoc to the Work Experience area of the homepage.
  • Added Host Havoc to the Work Resume area of the homepage.
  • Added Statistics area to the homepage.
  • Added Facts area to the homepage.
  • Added notice referring to the recent death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stating that information may not be accurate.
  • Added RocketCAD to the Portfolio area since taking over Development for the project.
  • Updated:
  • Updated Modern Solutions employment dates to be 10th of December 2020.
  • Updated Modern Solutions job titles to be representative of new position after Host Havoc takeover.
  • Updated Modern Solutions links to use affiliate link.
  • Updated Ecliptic Solutions Ltd position to Managing Director.
  • Updated PureVoice Communications position to Managing Director.
  • Updated PureVoice Communications website from to
  • Updated PureVoice Communications business category to Telecommunications.
  • Updated CV information regarding Ecliptic Solutions Ltd and PureVoice Communications.
  • Corrected the spelling of the His Majesty's Government Companies House.
  • Corrected moved Ecliptic Solutions Ltd to the top of the resume list.
  • Corrected typed area on the hero to reflect new job position changes.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed structure of Ecliptic Solutions Ltd responsibilities within the CV.

Version 1.8.4 - 30th June 2022

Version - 16th June 2022
    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Discord Lanyard integration to display the correct profile when clicked.

Version 1.8.3 - 14th June 2022
  • Updated the Discord Lanyard integration for a better look and moved it to the top of the homepage in the hero.

Version 1.8.2 - 1st June 2022
  • Added new 404 Error Page
  • Added new 403 Error Page
  • Added redirect for all former Image files in the older directory to go to with the directory provided by the user.
  • Updated:
  • Updated File Upload area for ShareX from to
  • Updated Headline for Profile section.
  • Updated Job Titles in the Work Experience section.
  • Updated Job responsibilities for Ecliptic Solutions Ltd and PureVoice Communications.
  • Updated profile description.
  • Updated details regarding Pershore High School and Heart of Worcestershire College courses.
  • Updated section descriptions to be better worded and made.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed grammar relating to Ecliptic Solutions Ltd description on the Homepage.
  • Fixed grammar inside the Resume section on the Homepage.
  • Removed:
  • Removed email for personal details on the Resume section of the Homepage. This is due to no longer censoring details.

Version 1.8.1 - 3rd May 2022
  • Updated Job Title for Ecliptic Solutions Ltd.
  • Updated Job Title for PureVoice Communications.
  • Updated Job Titles in the Work Experience section.

Version 1.8 - 10th April 2022
  • Added Ecliptic Solutions Ltd to Work Experience.
  • Added PureVoice Communications to Work Experience.
  • Added Ecliptic Solutions Ltd to Resume.
  • Added PureVoice Communications to Resume.
  • Added a new page called PureVoice Communications.
  • Added a new page called Ecliptic Solutions.
  • Updated:
  • Updated my age from 17 to 18.
  • Updated my email that appears under my info and contact on the Home page.
  • Updated "Companies Taylor has worked with" to "Work Experience".
  • Updated my Level 2 Computing qualification from Certificate to Diploma.
  • Updated NavBar to correct directories.
  • Removed:
  • Removed Statistics from the Home page.
  • Finally removed Christmas lights. This took me way too long to get around to.
  • Removed Language Picker.
  • Removed "Taylor's time at this company" from the Work Experience pages.
  • Removed different languages from the website. Only English will appear.

Version - 8th December 2021
  • Added Christmas lights to the website for the holidays. The lights only appear at the top.

Version 1.7 - 16th October 2021
  • Added Polywork Profile to the External Links in the Footer. This page shows a timeline of work Taylor is doing as well as any projects he is working on. You can find it here.
  • Added the File System to the External Links are to make it easier for users to access it. You can find it here.
  • Updated:
  • Updated contact email. The new contact email is
  • Updated all links to make them underlined as it makes it clear that it is a link.
  • Updated the Social Icons in the top of the Homepage to show a more light gray color in order to display better.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Resume/CV link to display the correct link.
  • Removed:
  • Removed the Fiverr link in the About area due to being discontinued.
  • Removed the degree information in the About area as it was not needed.

Version 1.6.1 - 11th September 2021
  • Created and translated entire website into Français. You can find it by clicking here.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed multiple Grammatical mistakes regarding Spanish words.

Version 1.6 - 10th September 2021
  • Added seperate directories for different languages (/en/ and /es/ and more coming soon).
  • Created and translated entire website into Español. You can find it by clicking here.
  • Added language selector at the bottom of every page.

Version 1.5.2 - 6th September 2021
  • Updated Education History to match the 2021 - 2022 academic year to show Level 2 Computer Course.
  • Updated Education Grades to show updated results including childcare course.

Version 1.5.1 - 2nd August 2021
  • Updated the Mystify Bot 3rd Party Information Page with new Cogs.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a Grammatical Error within Embeds & Changelog.
  • Removed:
  • Removed the Status Page Integration due to updating state error's.

Version 1.5 - 30th July 2021
  • Added the Changelog Page.
  • Added Status Page Integration to the website.
  • - When a Service is unavailable it will inform you via a pop-up.

  • Updated the Footer to include Important Links and Animations.
  • Updated the Footer for the Modern Solutions Page.

Version 1.4 - 27th July 2021
  • Updated Icons to FontAwesome instead of BoxIcons.
  • Updated Navigation to include Statistics & Portfolio.

Version 1.3 - 17th July 2021
  • Added Discord Integration
  • - This allows users to see what Taylor's Status on Discord is and what he is currently doing such as Coding, Playing Games and more!

  • Removed Discord Server Link.
  • - This is due to the Discord Server being discontinued.

Version 1.2 - 15th July 2021
    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed .htaccess Code To Fix Pages.

Version 1.1 - 11th July 2021

Version 1.0 - 5th July, 2021
  • Initial Release.